AI-as-a-Services (AI-a-a-S)

We, MNRoboChi LLP, are dealing with several sectors under name of different prime projects.

Initially, we are diving into the following services as our initial stage:

MedTechdealing with the Healthcare sector by means of AI & AR integration.

RehabTechdealing with Rehabilitation center by means of Assistive Technologies.

EduTechdealing with Education Sector under the project name “iKalam

NeuroTechdealing with extreme neuroscience to explore neuro stuff via BCI/HMI/RMI.

AgroTech – dealing with the Agriculture sector by means of AI-driven products

PwnTechdealing with Cybersecurity by integrating AI-driven methodologies

Many more services are in our pipeline. Some of them are listed as below:

SkyTechdealing with Drone Technology for several innovative projects.

CareTech – dealing as the helping hands for the other living creatures around the globe.